#News 31 January 2019

SRS Receives Approval for Welding Work

SRS SPITZKE RAIL SWISS AG (SRS) has received approval from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for welding work. From now on, SRS’s experienced welders can also showcase their skills on the Swiss railway network. “Stable, gap-free tracks and switches ensure that rail traffic is smooth and quiet,” says Petra Bieli, the director of SRS. “The successful approval for the SoW-5 process enables us to offer comprehensive and cost-effective track solutions.”

The alominothermic welding process “SoW-5” (rapid welding process without a bead and with a five- minute preheating time) is used on many railways worldwide. “As part of their cooperation with the SPITZKE Group, our welders have supported relevant work, including track projects in Denmark, among other things” says Bieli.