Produce reliably.

At the location in Möllenhagen (D), the SPITZKE Group operates one of the largest works for the production of prestressed concrete products in Europe. The works are characterised by efficient production facilities and large storage and loading capacities. This allows our sister company, SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH, to react flexibly and promptly to customer enquiries.

SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH has developed a production control system (MES) for monitoring and documentation of the most important production processes and quality parameters. This ensures that the required parameters are adhered to in all stages of the production process. The assembling and feeding of the prestressing steel is also fully-automated using machines developed especially for this purpose. We set industry standards with these technologies.

Standard and special track sleepers

Modern standards, quality gates and a comprehensive production monitoring and control system ensure the constantly high quality of the products of our sister company.
W 21 (B 07 sleeper).

  • Annual production capacity: 1.2 million sleepers
  • Storage area for 350,000 sleepers
  • Standard sleeprs
    B 70; B 70-2,4; B 90; B 07
    Padded track sleepers
    Tramway sleepers
  • Special track sleepers:
    Grassed track sleepers
    Construction rail sleepers (BoS) for the urban railways of Berlin and Hamburg
    Craneway sleepers
  • Sleeper types abroad:
    Sweden: D522.31 (mit Pandrolbefestigung)
    Netherlands: NS 90
    Denmark: B 70P-60 DK
  • Fastening systems:
    W 14K
    W 14S (no longer used in praxis)
    W 3
    W 21 (B 07 – sleeper)
    Fastclip (sleeper types used aboard)
    W 14N (sleeper types used aboard)




Turnout sleepers

The production of bearers is characterised by its high degree of individualisation. SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH supplies the right product according to customer requirements for all standard points and a large number of special points with individual fastening components.

  • annual production capacity 180,000 m bearers
  • Domestic sleeper type
    Standard points of the DB AG network (KS or W fixing)
    Special points of the DB AG network (KS or W fixing)
  • Schwellentypen Ausland:
    Standard- und Spezialweichen für die Niederlande
    Standard- und Spezialweichen für Dänemark



Railway and overhead line masts

We produce railway and overhead line masts in all required lengths up to 18 metres using a spun concrete process. The maintenance-free masts are then delivered free to the construction site by self-unloading trucks

Our sister company produces railway and overhead line masts in all required lengths up to 18 metres using a spun concrete process. The maintenance-free masts are then delivered according to the Just In Time system to the construction site via self-unloading trucks – at no expense to the customer.

  • Annual production capacity: 7,000 sleepers
    Max. length: 18 m
    Max. diameter: approx. 800 mm
  • Use:
    Railway masts for contact lines
    Overhead line masts for overhead power lines of power supply companies
    Lighting, advertising and special masks
    Structural supports/​columns



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